Latest Recipes

Eggs are nestled into a rich tomato sauce with lots of spaghetti squash then baked to perfection.

Created By Kristen Stevens 19 Jan 2018

Little finger snacks for after school

Created By Karen H 29 Aug 2016

Cheesy noodles with an egg.

Created By Karen H 29 Aug 2016

Use up your extra garden zucchini in this omelet

Created By Karen H 23 Aug 2016

Get back to your roots.

Created By Karen H 17 Jan 2016

Pan fried brussels sprouts with bacon, caramelised onion and topped with a creamy egg? Heaven.

Created By Karen H 29 Nov 2015

Roasted pears topped with fluffy meringue and chocolate curls

Created By Karen H 8 Nov 2015

Potatoes make a great nest for a gently baked egg

Created By Karen H 8 Nov 2015

One potato, two potato, three potato... rosti!

Created By Karen H 18 Oct 2015

Have too many carrots? This is the perfect way to use them up.

Created By Karen H 6 Oct 2015

Homemade pudding can't be beat!

Created By Karen H 28 Sep 2015

Rich and full of chocolate!

Created By Karen H 21 Sep 2015

Fresh, full of veggies and delicious

Created By Karen H 13 Sep 2015

A tasty way to use up your summer zucchini!

Created By Karen H 23 Aug 2015

Sweet and spicy nuts for snacking!

Created By Karen H 5 Feb 2015

Browned mushrooms and crisp bacon take this sandwich over the top.

Created By KarenH 29 Oct 2014

Moist and chewy, these cookies spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, and pumpkin are fall treat

Created By Karen Humphrey 14 Oct 2014

Meaty and full of spice, chili is even better topped with a fried egg.

Created By Karen Humphrey 20 Aug 2014

Whip up a bunch of meringue ghosts for a spook-tacular time in the kitchen

Created By Karen Humphrey 17 Aug 2014

Perfectly spiced and creamy, at Thanksgiving it's all about the pie.

Created By Karen Humphrey 17 Aug 2014

Sweet and bit tart, spoon this curd into tart shells or use as a cake filling.

Created By Karen Humphrey 17 Aug 2014

Tender, apple-licious mini muffins with a streusal topping are perfect for back to school lunch boxes.

Created By Karen Humphrey 15 Aug 2014