Quick Veggie Scramble

Time to Cook: 
2 min
Time to Prepare: 
2 min
Number of Servings: 
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If you think you don't have time to make scrambled eggs chock full of veggies and cheese for breakfast, you've never made this version in the microwave. It's so easy and fast, you'll be surprised that you never thought of it before! Feel free to change up the cheese of vegetables to suit your own tastes and have fun with different combinations! Why not throw in a little bacon or ham? Serve the finished eggs on top of toast or an English muffin, and you'll be fueled for the day ahead.

This is a dish you can teach older kids to make with little supervision, and is versatile enough that they can also make it for dinner on the weekend. Breakfast for dinner is often a favourite in our house-and why not get them to make you dinner too?

The fastest healthy eggs you'll ever make!


2 eggs

small handful of fresh spinach or arugula

5 grape tomatoes, halved

sprinkle of cheddar cheese


1. Crack the eggs into a medium sized bowl and with a fork beat them gently.

quick veggie scramble

2. Top with the spinach, halved tomatoes and cheese.

quick veggie scramble

3. Cook the eggs in the microwave on high for 30 seconds. Give them a stir, cook for 30 more seconds and stir. Continue to cook at short 10-20 second intervals, stirring after each, until cooked through. Serve immediately.