BC Egg Quota Assessment Tools Evaluation

BC Egg Quota Assessment Tools Evaluation

The BC Egg Marketing Board is conducting a Quota Assessment Tools Evaluation. This review was initiated by the Farm Industry Review Board (FIRB) and all five supply managed commodity boards in the province have been directed to develop long-term quota policies that will support industry stakeholders and the public interest for BC residents.  More details on the review are available in the document titled: BC FIRB Quota Assessment Tool Evaluation – February 28, 2017 

If you would like to see our submission along with submissions from all the supply managed boards, please visit BC FIRB's website.

BC Quota Policy and Governance Review

The 2005 Specialty Review established several policies that reflect federal and provincial legislation and regulations. The four key policies that apply to this evaluation project include:

  • Quota is intended to be produced.
  • Quota is transferable.
  • Producers are actively engaged and committed to the industry.
  • Quota is available to commodity boards to support policy objectives, including development of specialty markets and providing for new entrants in the supply management system.

It is important for the industry that not only is quota being produced by producers who are actively engaged, but that quota is transferring from existing producers to new entrants.

In summary, all of the policies and principles that resulted from the 2005 Specialty Review, including those that focused on transfer assessment and industry entry, were believed to be key in ensuring delivery of sound marketing policy in the public interest through a stable and diverse industry able to meet and grow with changing market demands in an accountable manner.


The overall purpose of Quota Tools Assessment Evaluation is to assess the outcomes of BCFIRB’s 2005 Specialty Review transfer assessment and industry entry related directions as they pertain to continued effectiveness, utility and appropriateness. The evaluation will be conducted in light of:  

  • The 2005 transfer assessment and industry entry related policy objectives; and,
  • Supporting delivery of sound marketing outcomes in a rapidly changing environment. 

Using a sound evaluation process providing substantive information and rationale, the evaluation will primarily focus on two policies:

  1. Transfer Assessment Structure; and
  2. Industry Entry


During the first stage of the consultation process, the Board will hold three regional face-to-face listening sessions with egg industry stakeholders (producers, processors, and other egg industry participants). These sessions will take place from April 4, 2017 to April 11, 2017. 

Notice of spring 2017 Producer Meetings

In addition to the face-to-face meetings, all egg industry stakeholders and members of the public are invited to participate in the survey that we will be posting after our meetings next week.

Alternatively, interested parties are welcome to submit written feedback to Suite 250 – 32160 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2T 1W5, via Fax 604.556.7717, or via e-mail to joeya@bcegg.com by April 30, 2017.

The Board will use the face-to-face sessions, survey results, and all written submissions to identify ideas and relevant themes to develop options for any proposed policy changes.

The Board encourages all industry stakeholders and members of the public to provide input using these questions as guidance.  Anyone attending the face-to-face sessions will have an opportunity to discuss these questions with other attendees. The Board will be requesting written submissions from all regional producer groups, processors and members of the public by April 30, 2017. Additional comments are welcome but only comments related to the scope of this review will be evaluated. 

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