Korean Rice Bowl

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This dish is a great way to stretch out a piece of steak to feed a lot of people. Sliced thinly and marinated, all it takes is a quick turn in a wok or skillet to make it ready for your plate. Tossed with some sugar snap peas or tender crisp brocolli, It's delicious piled up on freshly steamed rice and topped with a poached egg.

Stretch your steak with this tasty dish.

Eggnog Pancakes

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Sweet and fluffy, these pancakes are the best way to use up leftover eggnog you may have hanging around in the fridge. Double the recipe and whip up a batch for Boxing Day and a houseful of guests! They'd be great with breakfast sausage, maple syrup, and fruit. With only two bowls and a whisk, your kids could even make these. The eggnog flavour comes through so nicely that they are rich and delicious, without being overpowering on the nutmeg. You will love them!

The best way to use up leftover eggnog!

Royal Icing

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Royal icing, the best used for sugar or gingerbread cookies, gets it's structure from the use of raw egg whites. For some, the idea of raw egg whites is cause for a little concern and while you could use meringue powder, it's hard to find and kind of expensive. To have your cookie (and eat it too), Burnbrae Farms has some great pasterized egg products that you can use instead of cracking the eggs yourself. Royal icing is so easy to make, you'll never guess that all it takes is a good mixer and two ingredients. Make sure to use gel paste coloring to tint the icing because it gives you vibrant colors and doesn't thin the icing further.

Whether it's for gingerbread houses, sugar or gingerbread cookies, this icing is super versatile and easy to use!

Using pasterized eggs makes it easy.

Chorizo Egg Cups

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Add a little spice to your egg salad with these tasty little tortilla cups! Fresh chorizo is a wonderfully spicy sausage-you could substitute finely chopped dried chorizo, if you really need to. It has a lot more kick than the fresh so you may want to dial back on the abodo sauce. Tucked into crunchy tortilla scoops and placed in an appetizer spread, they'd be a great addition to your holiday table. This is a recipe that you can't make ahead, other than boiling the eggs and frying up the sausage. Assemble right before serving.

Add a little spice to your egg salad

Pear and Chocolate Bread Pudding

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Warm and comforting with bits of chocolate and tender pears, this is a fantastic dessert on a cold winter night. Not only does it use up leftover French bread, but you can pop it into the oven and go on with your day while it bakes into a warm dessert for later. Try different kinds of fruit for the pears if you like, but they do make a really nice touch. Serve with ice cream or whipped cream for an extra special touch.

Melty chocolate, tender pears and soft bread make this a wonderful dessert on a cold night.

Ham and Egg Bites

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If company shows up at your door and you need a quick appetizer, these ham and egg bites are a quick and easy addition to the table. You probably have everything in the fridge, even. They are really easy to make-just make sure to use the best quality bread, ham and mustard you can find to knock these out of the park. If you like a spicy kick you can try using hot mustard or even swap out mustard altogether and try a little spicy pepper jelly.

Ham and egg bites can make a great appetizer too!

Cheesy Egg Toast

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Toast piled high with creamy boiled eggs is fantastic on its own, but add slowly caramelized onions and cheese to take it over the top! Whip these up to enjoy for breakfast or a light snack.. but you could make mini versions for wonderful party appetizers. The trick to making great caramelized onions is to cook them on low heat, slowly, until they are perfect.

Slathered with cheese and onions, what more could you ask for?

Eggs with Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Caramelized Onions and Bacon

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Brussels sprouts with bacon and caramlised onions are good enough on their own, but topped with a perfectly poached egg they are heavenly! The creamy yolk coats the sprouts, and the salty bacon adds a bit of kick. This makes a really great lunch.

Pan fried brussels sprouts with bacon, caramelised onion and topped with a creamy egg? Heaven.

Puff Pastry Bacon and Egg Quiche

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This time of year is busy and you don't have time to make pastry. Or if you are like me, pastry just isn't your thing but don't fear! Puff pastry in the freezer case at the grocery store will come to the rescue. Simply thaw and roll it out, and you're good to go! Keep it simple with just cheese, bacon, and green onion in this one-sometimes the most simple things really are the tastiest. This also makes great leftovers.

The easiest kind of pie crust and a simple filling make a delicious quiche.

CIBC Run for the Cure 2015

We are HUGE supporters of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure and participate each year.

This year we spent the day in Abbotsford and here is what happened ...


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