Potato Salad with Bacon and Crispy Leeks

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Change up your potato salad with crispy leeks and salty bacon! This recipe keeps things small but it's easily doubled. The trick is taking your time with the leeks-cooking them over low heat allows them to get nice and crispy.

Small sized potato salad with crispy leeks and salty bacon

Egg Crepe Rolls

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Author: Karen Humphrey

Why not trade in your grainy tortilla for a delicate one made from eggs? These are great if you are going paleo, are gluten intolerant, or just looking for a change of pace. The wraps are relatively small and delicate so they require a gentle touch, but it's fun to have your eggs on the outside or your wrap instead of as a filling. It's important to use a smaller pan here, and one that is preferably non stick or the eggs will adhere to the pan, and that won't be fun at all. Fill them however you would like!

Use your eggs as the wrap!

The Egg Farmer's Conundrum - Do Ethics Equal Choice?

BC Egg Board's response to the cage-free question:

I recently read Ann Hui’s extensive exploration of some of the issues of the egg industry (The cage-free egg trend: Is it just a shell game?) in the Globe and Mail last week and was impressed by her fair and well balanced presentation.

The article discusses the cage or no cage debate among industry stakeholders. Hui says that scientific research is either driven by health and safety of the bird or the natural environment of the bird.

Eggs Baked in Bread Bowls

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Author: Karen Humphrey

Breakfast with no clean up? We're so in. Bake up your eggs in neat little packages by using a tasty bread roll instead of a dish. Customize it by adding your favourite cheese, bacon, sausage, chopped peppers, or sliced tomatoes and you've got a full meal. I kept it simple in this recipe by just adding a bit of Cheddar, but you can dress it up as fancy as you want.

No clean up with this recipe!

Strawberry Lemon Angel Pie

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Forget old fashioned pie and it's finicky crust, try shaping meringue into a crust, then filling with tart lemon curd, whipping cream, and fresh berries! The result is a melt in your mouth, light dessert that's sure to please everyone. You can use any kind of berries you want-raspberries or blueberries would be equally good here, or go all out and use a combination of your favourites. The shell bakes up light and crunchy in some places, softer and marshmallow-like in others. It's surely a fitting end to a wonderful meal.


Berries, whipping cream, lemon and meringue

BC Egg and Lox on a Bagel

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If I could eat this for breakfast every morning, I would. Smoked salmon, or lox, is amazing when sandwiched between creamy Boursin cheese and an gently poached BC egg. The other plus is this is easy to make, you can get the kids to help make it for Mom's breakfast on Mother's Day!

Top your lox with an egg

Loaded Bacon and Egg Naan

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Spice up your morning with a little fresh salsa spooned over gently poached eggs, crispy bacon, and tender naan! You can spice up the salsa if you wish by adding a little chopped fresh jalapeno, or leave it out to just enjoy the fresh tomatoes and avocado.

Fresh salsa, bacon, and egg in one bite.

Stuffed Breakfast Peppers

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Author: Karen Humphrey

When you don't want bread with your eggs, peppers are a great alternative to wrap them up in a neat package! Roasted potatoes add some great flavour, and you can change it up by adding bacon, sausage, or ham. Whether you have them for breakfast or eat the leftovers cold, these are a tasty way to get your daily egg.

A meal in a sweet edible package!

Crispy Beans with Tomatoes, Feta, and Eggs

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Author: Karen Humphrey

Don't have a lot of time, or groceries to work with in your fridge? This dish makes use of economical beans and adds in some sweet tomatoes, salty feta, and of course .. eggs! Cooking the beans until the outsides are crispy and the center creamy makes for a delicious combination, when you add a runny egg yolk.

Crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside beans with eggs

Cured Egg Yolks

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Author: Karen Humphrey

Cured egg yolks have the texture of a hard cheese and impart a salty, savory kick to whatever dish you choose to finely grate their goodness over. Salads, pastas, or deep fried foods are all good choices for their tasty goodness, and they are not only easy to make but a great way to use up leftover yolks when you've made meringue or something. Plus they last for about a month, so you'll have lots of time to experiment with them! I tried mine over some Caesar salad, and it really added some deeper savory, salty flavour.

Shave over pasta or salad for a flavor kick


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