Guacamole and Egg on Toast

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Many people love mashed avocado on toast; the buttery richness of avocado goes nicely with a good bread. You can add a little spice or keep it relatively plain, but why not add an egg? These two were made to go together. The creamy yolk mixed with the avocado and crunchy toast make for a delicious and protein packed breakfast.

Like most egg dishes, this is quick, versatile, and relatively inexpensive to make. Whip some up for lunch or dinner with a side salad and you have a full meal. Eggs and avocado are both full of nutritional punch to keep you going!

The chipolte chili powder listed in the recipe can be hard to find and is entirely optional, but if you have some on hand it's hard to beat  the smoky, spicy kick it adds to the dish. Use whatever chili powder you have on hand, and if you want heat sprinkle in a tiny bit of cayenne. This dish is entirely customizable-add bacon if you wish, or top the egg with a bit more veggies. The hardest part about making it is trying not to eat both yourself.

Avocado and egg make the perfect pair on a piece of whole grain toast

Southwest Breakfast Burritos

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I love breakfasts like these wraps that can be made the night before, then heated briefly in the morning and eaten on the run. Full of filling sausage, eggs and beans, they are the perfect thing to fuel a morning at a hockey rink, a day at school, or anytime that you need something to carry you through the morning on to a busy day. What I love most about these is that the beans stretch the eggs out a bit, adding a lot of flavour and texture. You can use a different kind of sausage if you wish, but a spicy chorizo works really well here. Change up the cheese to pepper Jack for a little extra kick, too!

Making these ahead is a super option if you're really busy, too. Just store the filling separately in the fridge and gently re-heat in the microwave before filling and rolling the tortillas. You can also wrap the warm tortillas in foil and then take with you in the car if you need to.


Spicy sausage, beans, eggs, and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla

Bacon and Mushroom Eggs on Toast

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This knife and fork sandwich could be breakfast, but also makes a wonderful light dinner when you're pressed for time and the fall wind is howling outside your door. Meaty, rich mushrooms with crispy bits of bacon are delicious by themselves on toast, but adding an egg takes things to a whole new level.

There are all kinds of mushrooms you can try for this dish; I especially like crimini mushrooms, but white button ones work really well too. To clean them, just give your mushrooms a gentle wipe with damp paper towel before you slice them up. This is the kind of dish you can free style a little; try adding fresh thyme instead of parsley, or crumbled sausage instead of bacon. Add a splash of white wine instead of the balsamic or a bit of hot sauce, even! The point is, enjoy. These are very tasty with some homemade hashbrowns or a green salad to round them out into an inexpensive, light meal that can be pulled together in a flash.

Browned mushrooms and crisp bacon take this sandwich over the top.

Cloud Eggs on Ciabatta

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If you're looking for a new and different way to serve eggs, this one is as easy as it is creative. Whipping egg whites up into light and fluffy cloud to set a creamy egg yolk on with a bit of cheese makes for a interesting way to present breakfast! You can eat the eggs on their own, place them on toast, or make them into a sandwich like I did. Perched on some chewy ciabatta bread with a bit of spicy salami, this is a knife and fork sandwich that makes a great breakfast! Serve with breakfast potatoes and fruit salad on the side for a complete breakfast.

Fluffy and creamy, these eggs are like eating clouds.

Naan Breakfast Pizzas

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Tired of your usual morning toast? Pizza pitas are the way to go. This way you can have a hot egg breakfast in no time as it cooks atop your toast! The best thing about these great pizzas is that you can customize them any way you wish. Feel free to use any kind of vegetable you wish, or top with cooked and crumbled bacon, switch up the cheeses, and more! Try them for dinner and add roasted chicken, pepperoni, or whatever you have hanging around your fridge.

 A hearty breakfast in a flash under your broiler.

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How to Make Homemade Mayonnaise

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Mayonnaise is a staple in many Canadian households. Whether we're slathering it  on burgers, in sandwiches, stirring it  into deviled eggs, potato salads or using it as a dip for French fries, many of us can’t imagine life without it.
What is mayonnaise, anyway? Unlike salad dressing, which is usually more runny and sweet, mayo is an emulsion of oil, lemon juice, vinegar and seasonings whisked with egg yolk. Whisking makes the egg yolk, lemon juice and vinegar bind together. When you add the oil and whisk it thoroughly, the lecithin in the egg yolks is a fat emulsifier and will help produce a thick, creamy spread. If you don’t whisk it enough, the oil will not incorporate. The key, I found, it to be patient and possibly distract yourself with the television or something while you are whisking like crazy and your arm begins to ache. Also, since the eggs you will be using are not going to be cooked, use the freshest ones possible to avoid salmonella.
Commercial mayonnaises have stabilizers and preservatives in them, but you can by pass these ingredients by making your own. Reduced fat mayonnaises can contain cellulose gel and modified food starch so it may be an idea to just eat less mayonnaise, but enjoy the real thing. Besides, it’s so simple to make and has so much more flavor that soon when you need some you’ll just pull out the bowl and a whisk!

It's a lot easier than you think to just make your own.

Bacon and Dill Deviled Eggs

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Deviled eggs are popular in many countries all around the world, with each putting their own spin on things. From France to Hungary, Russia and the USA, you'll find deviled eggs on people's plates. In Canada they are most often eaten as an appetizer, or a snack. When my teenager saw these deviled eggs in the fridge, he about jumped for joy. "I'm going to eat ALL of these NOW," he declared. This version of deviled eggs take things away from the ho-hum with a bit of fresh dill and sprinkle of bacon on top. While this batch makes just a few for a snack, you can double or triple the recipe to make enough for a crowd.

Just hide them from your teenagers, as they may eat them all in one go!

Traditional deviled eggs get a fun twist with bacon and dill.

Pumpkin Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Fall calls for all things pumpkin, and these cookies are just the thing! Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, a subtle hint of pumpkin makes them moist and packs a bit of a nutrition punch as well. These are a hit in my household every fall and a great way to use up any leftover bits of pumpkin you may have hanging around in the cupboard. You can use all chocolate chips, swap them out for dried cranberries, or even try using a bit of both!


Moist and chewy, these cookies spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, and pumpkin are fall treat

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