CIBC Run for the Cure

We show our support for CIBC Run for the Cure each year! Our team participates in the run and hands out swag at our booth.

Egg Farmers of Canada - Heart for Africa

Heart for Africa 2016 Ornament Challenge 

EFC is selling Christmas ornaments as part of an international fundraising campaign for Heart for Africa. Ornaments are $20 each and available in four shapes (Angels, Xmas trees, Stars, and the new ornament-ornament). To purchase ornaments, mail a cheque for the total amount of your pre-ordered ornaments (made out to Heart for Africa) along with a note saying how many ornaments of each type you would like.

Surprise Breakfast Muffins

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Author: Karen Humphrey

If you're looking for a filling, hot breakfast you can eat on the run, these muffins have gotcha covered. A tender buttermilk base flecked with salty bacon, cheddar and green onions hold a special suprise in the middle-a whole egg! Whip up a batch in the morning for the teenagers and the younguns with hollow legs, and they'll be covered until lunch time

These muffins have a surprise egg hidden inside!

Thai Noodles and Veggies with Eggs

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It's still warm out there, and with school starting you need something fast that won't require a lot of cooking. These noodles only need a quick soak before you top them with veggies and a boiled egg, then drizzle with a spiced soy dressing. Easy peasy! Feel free to play around with the veggies to ones that your kids love. Spice up the dressing as much as you want, or leave the hot sauce out. It's all up to you. For a twist, set out the ingredients in bowls and let everyone top their own noodles to their liking, like a salad bar!

Great fast and healthy flavours!

Loaded Stuffed Tomato Poppers

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Little tomatoes just beg to be stuffed with an egg salad that has some kick-chorizo sausage adds a little spice, while Cheddar and green onion give you even more flavor! These little tomatoes are perfect for snacking on the deck or an after school snack for the kids. Campari tomatoes can be found in the grocery store or at the market-a little bigger than your average cherry tomato, they are just the right size for this kind of snack.

Little finger snacks for after school

Baked Eggs in Cheesy Pasta Nests

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Pasta and eggs just go together, like these creamy, cheesy little nests. Whip up some for dinner and the kids will surely come running! With school starting up it's always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve, and this recipe is a good one. Serve with a side salad or some raw veggies and dip to round things out.

Cheesy noodles with an egg.

Roasted Potato Salad

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Summer is starting to wind down, but we don't want to let it go yet-how about some potato salad to go with those last few steaks on the grill? Roasting the potatoes adds a little more flavour and depth to this salad, with the crispy edges cloaked in a Greek yogurt and mayo dressing. How could you go wrong? Feel free to add anything you like to this salad-a little fresh dill, maybe some chopped pickled, or a bit of ham are all great ideas. We just kept it simple.

Roasting the potatoes adds another dimension!

Zucchini Omelet for Two

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The stores are bursting with zucchini, and besides the usual cakes and muffins, what can you do with it? Try upping your breakfast game by adding it to an omelet! This recipe makes one large omelet that you can split and share with someone else. Don't forget to top it with some fresh summer tomatoes and basil so that you can savor those summer flavours.

It's really important to give your zucchini a good squeeze to get rid of any excess moisture before you use it, or your omelet might end up a little soggy. Don't skip this step!

Use up your extra garden zucchini in this omelet

Egg and Cheddar Crepe Packets

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Author: Karen Humphrey

Crepes lend themselves to so many things-rolled with savory fillings, drizzled with chocolate, but here we roll them up burrito style and stuff them with eggs, cheese and bacon. Kids will love these hand held bites that you can customize to their liking. Swap out the bacon for ham, change the Cheddar to pepper's all about whatever you can dream up. Tuck these in a lunch box or put them in the kids' hands on their way out the door. Either way, it's a good way to fill tummies!

Breakfast you can hold in your hand.


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