Creme Brulee

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Creamy custard topped with a crunchy sugar crust seems all fancy and complicated, but the reality is that creme brulee is so easy, your kids could whip up a batch! Serve these lovely little custards with some fruit salad for dessert, then sit back and let the compliments about your cooking skills roll in. They make a wonderful sweet treat at the end of a meal. Some may think you need fancy equipment to toast the sugar on top, but you can achieve similar results just using the broiler in your oven.



Vanilla custard with a crunchy sugar topping for Mother's Day!

Crepes Suzette

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Tender crepes drenched in a warm, buttery orange sauce - are they a decadent breakfast or dessert? You get to decide whether to top them with big scoops of vanilla ice cream or just enjoy as is with a cup of coffee. Either way, they will make a wonderful Mother's Day brunch. The best thing about crepes is that you can make them the day ahead and store them in the fridge, waxed paper between them ready to dunk in this sauce and serve. To make them child friendly, you can omit the Grand Marnier, but if they're just for Mom? I'm sure she'll enjoy it.

Dessert or breakfast? Either way you'll want to lick the plate

Roasted Asparagus Egg Salad

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Roasting asparagus takes this salad up to the next level, giving the veggies a slightly nutty flavour. Creamy bits of egg and a lemon dressing make this salad a tasty bite, perfect for lunch with some crusty bread or served at dinner with grilled chicken. It's a great way to introduce asparagus to your kids, too! The eggs can be boiled ahead of time and be tucked away in the fridge for later, which would make this salad very easy to whip up at a moment's notice.

Kids can help you make this salad by snapping off the woody ends of the asparagus, or shaking up the dressing in a Mason jar. Why not get the whole family involved in dinner?

Spring asparagus roasted and topped with eggs makes a great salad

Quick Veggie Scramble

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If you think you don't have time to make scrambled eggs chock full of veggies and cheese for breakfast, you've never made this version in the microwave. It's so easy and fast, you'll be surprised that you never thought of it before! Feel free to change up the cheese of vegetables to suit your own tastes and have fun with different combinations! Why not throw in a little bacon or ham? Serve the finished eggs on top of toast or an English muffin, and you'll be fueled for the day ahead.

This is a dish you can teach older kids to make with little supervision, and is versatile enough that they can also make it for dinner on the weekend. Breakfast for dinner is often a favourite in our house-and why not get them to make you dinner too?

The fastest healthy eggs you'll ever make!


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Try saying shakshuoka ten time really fast! This dish is popular in Middle Eastern or East African culture and the name means "a mixture". It's best if you can find really great tomatoes, but feel free to play around with the peppers, adding spicy ones or leaving them out. Some people love cheese in their shakshouka, some don't. This recipe is delicious served with warm naan bread on the side ready to sop up the sauce.

You can serve this dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner-just like any other really quick and easy egg dish.

Eggs poached in spicy tomato and pepper sauce makes a quick dinner.

New Potato Salad

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Sometimes you want a potato salad without all the heavy sauce or mayo, and this one checks all the boxes. Light, lemony with bits of salty feta, it's really great tossed with some fresh arugula. Try adding fresh chopped cucumber or some cubed creamy avocado! You can even take it up a knotch more by adding 3 slices of cooked and crumbled bacon. Serve this salad alongside your first burgers off the grill this spring and some roasted asparagus for a memorable dinner.

Light and lemony, this salad is a perfect partner for your burger.

Udon Noodle Soup

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Udon noodles are a thick, wheat noodle used in Japanese cuisine, usually served in a light broth. This one is touched with a bit of fresh ginger and garlic, and has healthy bok choy added to the mix to give some greens. The poached egg perched on top gives a lovely richness to this soup, and since it's not heavy or thick, this recipe is perfect for warm spring days. Kids oftn love slurping the noodles and it could make a wonderful addition to your lunchbox rotation!

A light delicious soup perfect for spring.

Waffle Hashbrowns

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Hashbrowns are hard to get right-often they are too soggy, or not crispy enough. Using a wafflemaker helps clear up this problem entirely, by creating two extra crispy sides (helped with a bit of cheese),  and a soft interior. One of the best things is that these cook up fairly quickly and once they are in the waffle iron, leave your hands free to make some eggs to top them with. Make these as a side with eggs and fruit salad, or even as a fun potato side dish. The kids can easily help you whip them up!

Be sure to use russet potatoes, the starch gives you a better end product.

Crispy, cheesy hashbrowns made in the most unlikely way!

Baked Pinapple French Toast

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A cross between a decadent breakfast and dessert, this baked French toast is divine. Soft, thick egg bread caramelized in the oven with slices of fresh pineapple make this sweet enough that you can skip the syrup. Want to make it more like dessert? Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Either way, you can also make this dish ahead by letting the bread slices soak overnight before you bake them,making this a great dish to prep the night before a special day. If you really want to get decadent, go here to get the recipe to make the challah, too!

Sweet and delicious, you will never need syrup!

Curried Egg Salad Lettuce Cups

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Coloring eggs is super fun, but what do you do with a bunch of hard boiled eggs once the fun has passed? Eat them, of course! You could put them in salad, make deviled egg chicks, or a more grown up version of deviled eggs, or you could just make this wonderful egg salad for lunch. Serve it rolled up in a tortilla, with triangles of warm naan bread, spooned over greens, or as I did-perched on romaine lettuce leaves that can easily be picked up and munched on. However you choose, this salad is a very tasty way to use up hard boiled eggs!

A delicious way to use up hard boiled eggs


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