Cheese Blintzes with Mango Sauce

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Blintzes combine two of my favourite things-a cheesecake like filling, and crepes. Topped with a fresh seasonal fruit sauce, they are probably one of the best breakfasts you could ever have. Many recipes pair them up with a berry sauce, but why not go tropical and use some mangoes instead? Crepes are quite easy to make and you can even do them the day before to save yourself a little time in the morning. You can find how to make crepes with our recipe here.

Almost like cheesecake wrapped in a crepe

Weekend Breakfast Fry Up

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When you want a full eggs and sausage breakfast but don't want to dirty a pile of dishes, the breakfast fry up is the way to go. Pile in some cold cooked potatoes with a bit of sausage and fry them up until crisp, then just push everything over and crack in your eggs. A few slices of tomato finish everything off, and before you know it you have a perfect breakfast, lunch, or even dinner! This dish is infinitely customizable-use bacon instead of sausage, or go spicy and use fresh chorizo. Your eggs can be cooked however you like them-it's all about using that one large skillet to cook everything. If you find your skillet is a bit crowded, just move the potatoes or sausage out of the pan to a plate and keep them warm while you crank out the eggs.



One plan clean up and the easiest breakfast ever

Raspberry Clafoutis

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Clafouti, with its origins in France, really is the best summer dessert. With just a bowl and a whisk, you can pop one in the oven just as you sit down to dinner, and 30 minutes later have dessert ready! Traditionally, clafouti is made with cherries but you can swap them out for fresh seasonal berries, such as the raspberries used in this recipe. Serve warm dusted with icing sugar, with a bit of whipping cream, or even with a scoop of ice cream for an easy and wonderful summer dessert.

Delicious and full of summer berries

Two Step Cheese Souffle

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Souffles are notoriously difficult, but this one really only requires that you mix everything up with an electric mixer, pour, and bake! How easy is that? There's also no flour in this recipe, so if you are gluten free it's a good one for you. Cheesy souffles make a great breakfast, light lunch or dinner with salad and a side of bacon.

Feel free to play around with the cheeses. A good sharp Cheddar, Swiss, Gruyere, or parmesan all can make a really great souffle. The trick to keep it light and fluffy is to not open the oven or touch them, at ALL, while they cook.

Easy and cheesy!

Angel Food Cupcakes with Fresh Raspberry Cream

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You don't need a special pan or anything to make these little bites of heaven, just a mixer! Light and summery, these cakes are amazing topped with fresh whipping cream infused with summer berries. When separating your eggs, be very careful not to get any yolk into the whites or they won't whip properly. I suggest cracking the eggs one at a time into an egg separator, then when you've successfully separated them pour the white into another bowl. This way if one egg breaks on you, the entire batch isn't ruined.



Light and summery, these are a perfect treat

Monte Cristo Sandwich

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What could make a fried ham and cheese sandwich better than dipping it in an egg mixture and cooking it in butter? Monte cristo sandwiches can be a great addition to your breakfast menu, or whip them up for a great lunch or light dinner. Usually Emmental or gruyere is used, but I used cheddar in this instance. Thick bread works well as it soaks up the egg without getting too soggy, and gives you a sturdy base to stuff with all that ham and cheesy goodness. Add a little mustard to the bread and you've got yourself a great sandwich!

Enjoy a classic for breakfast!

Cucumber Egg Salad Bites

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While the weather heats up, you'll be cool as a cucumber with these egg salad stuffed cucumber boats. With a hit of protein, healthy Greek yogurt and some veg they are the perfect summer snack. Adults will love that they are also gluten free! You can boil the eggs the day before and have them ready and waiting in the fridge to whip up on an afternoon while the kids are playing outside in the sprinkler. If the kids don't like anything green added to their egg salad, you can omit the dill or swap it out for some freshly minced green onion.

A quick, cool, and nutritious snack!

Steak and Eggs with Chimichurri Sauce

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I always have leftover herbs hanging around in my fridge and what better way to use them up than make chimichurri? This wonderful sauce from Argentina is a perfect partner to go with grilled meats, but try spooning it over your eggs to spice them up, too. You can whip it up in no time with a food processor in no time with just a few ingredients, even! Have this steak and egg dish for Father's Day and Dad will thank you.

This isn't your same old boring steak and eggs.

Breakfast Tacos

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Why not have tacos for breakfast? These combine creamy beans spiced witha bit of chorizo, topped with salsa, eggs and cheese. You can add avocado or whatever other fresh toppings you like, or just eat it as is. Breakfast tacos are a fun breakfast that can be customized for each family member and are really quick to make as they are a one pan operation!

Spicy chorizo, beans and eggs in a crunchy shell

Blueberry Coffee Cake

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Berry season is coming, and what better way to celebrate it than make this amazing coffee cake? As an addition to a brunch table or with a scoop of ice cream for dessert, it's a perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee.

Blueberries and crumble make a tasty breakfast


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