Mornay Sauce and Broccoli

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Creamy and comforting, this sauce is a sure fire winner when spooned over broccoli or cauliflour. The kids will have no problem eating their veggies when they are dredged in a rich, creamy sauce! The egg yolks add a silkiness that is hard to beat.

Rich and creamy, this is the only way to top your broccoli.

Bacon and Egg Crescent Roll Ups

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A can of crescent rolls makes this recipe easy! Just unroll, fill, and bake. You can change up the fillings by subbing different kinds of cheese or swapping out ham for bacon, but just pop them in the oven and soon you'll have breakfast ready to eat on the run! These would be great for kids on their way to school or just a snack later in the day.

Breakfast all rolled up ready to go.

Meringue and Yogurt Parfaits

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Fancy pavlova but don't want to make a large dessert? Crumble meringue 'cookies' in the bottom of a serving dish, top with your favourite Greek yogurt, and then whatever seasonal fruit you have available. The combinations are endless! You could even add chocolate curls to be decadent, or granola to be a little on the healthier side. Either way, it's a great way to end a meal or a fun snack for the kids to make.

Creamy greek yogurt, meringue and fresh fruit

Potato Boursin Frittata

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When you're in need of something quick and delicious, this frittata comes to the rescue. With nothing more than good cheese, eggs, and potatoes you can whip up something warm and filling (not to mention tasty) for breakfast, lunch, or a light dinner. Serve with bacon or sausages and a salad to round things out. Feel free to experiment with the flavour of Boursin cheese that you choose, from garlic and herb to pepper or spicy. If you wanted to speed things up, frozen hashbrowns (thawed, of course) may be substituted for the shredded russet potato.

Simple and filling gourmet on the fly

Meringue Topped Pears

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Who needs pie for your meringue, when you can top fruit? Roasted pears get dressed up with sweet meringue and chocolate curls in this recipe. Take them over the top by serving in a pool of chocolate sauce, if you wish. As the egg whites aren't completely cooked through in this recipe, it isn't recommended for the very young or anyone with compromised immune systems.

Roasted pears topped with fluffy meringue and chocolate curls

Eggs in a Potato Nest

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Crispy potatoes with bacon bits make a wonderful crust for baked eggs and become a really fantastic breakfast or light dinner. Serve them with fruit or a tossed green salad, and there's a meal! The whipping cream drizzle keeps the egg yolks from drying out as they bake, but you could add a little cheese if you want a bit more decadence.

Potatoes make a great nest for a gently baked egg

Food Bloggers Visit Egg Farms

Crystal and Elizabeth, two well established food bloggers spent a day visiting a few of our farm families.  

They let us tag along and share their experiences. 

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Meringue With Cream, Raspberries, and Chocolate

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Meringue baked on a tray topped with fruit and cream is an impressive, yet really easy dessert to create. Change up the fruit to whatever you have on hand-ripe pears, pomegranate seeds, halved grapes, or even fresh berries are great! Use your imagination and add some chopped toasted nuts for a little crunch, even. Meringue is not a dessert you can really make ahead, so be sure to serve immediately after you top it with cream and fruit before it goes soft. Your friends and family will think you went through a lot of trouble when the truth is, all you really needed was a mixer.

Impressive looking, yet easy to create!

BC Egg Supports Run for the Cure

Each year BC Egg is a proud sponsor and supporter for the Run for the Cure events.  This year we were in Abbotsford and here is what happened.

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Two Potato Baked Rosti

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One potato, two potato, three potato..rosti? This baked version combines orange sweet potatoes (otherwise known as yams in many grocery stores) and russets for a colorful, crispy mixture. Baking the rosti keeps the fat in check, and when you top it with fresh spinach, peas, feta and eggs the whole thing comes together to make a fantastic lunch! Feta adds a nice salty kick without the heavy greasy layer that some cheeses tend to do. Roast some tomatoes and throw them on top as well if you really want to kick it up a bit!

One potato, two potato, three potato... rosti!


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