3 Tips for Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Use this recipe for great scrambled eggs!

Scrambled eggs are easy to make but tough to perfect. We think that all we have to do after all, is crack the eggs and cook them in a pan.

However, there is definitely a technique if you are looking for a consistently fluffy, creamy, soft scramble. Her are our top three tips:

Tip 1 - Prep in a bowl

Do not crack eggs directly into the pan. Crack in a bowl and use a whisk to beat the eggs lightly. Whisking ensures that the eggs are well mixed. It adds air and volume so that the eggs are fluffy every time.

Tip 2 - Cook slow and stir often

Cook your eggs over low to medium heat in a non-stick pan. Stir often to produce creamy eggs. Stirring breaks down the egg curds that are forming and makes them smaller and thus, softer. If you find that your eggs are cooking too fast, remove them from the heat and keep stirring with a silicone spatula.

Tip 3 - Amplify the flavour

To enhance flavour and bring scrambled eggs to another level, try adding various cheeses, or fresh herbs like parsley, chives, dill, oregano or basil.

BONUS TIP - shredded cheese melts fast so add it after you have removed the eggs from heat.