Board Members

The five-member Board of Directors consists of four elected registered producers representing the three main regions of B.C. – Lower Mainland, Interior, and Vancouver Island. The fifth Board member is a non-egg producer appointed by the Government of B.C. by Order in Council.



Gunta Vitins (Chair)

Jennifer Woike (Vice-chair and EFC Alternate)

Jen Woike has lived in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island for 20 years. During that time, she has been involved in many community activities. She has been involved with major fundraisers such as The Big Squish (Cowichan District Hospital’s mammography machine); Queen of Angels School Galas and Funfairs; Search and Rescue; and is currently working with Alexander School to fundraise for their Breakfast Program. Along with husband, Ian, they own and operate Farmer Ben’s Eggs, the Island’s largest egg production farm and a wholesale grading operation. Jen and Ian were the recipients of the 2009 Outstanding Young Farmers of BC/Yukon Award as well as winning a Black Tie Award for Business Achievement in 2015. Jen was the provincial chair for the BC Outstanding Young Farmers program from 2011-2014 and currently sits as a Director on the BC Egg Marketing Board as the Vancouver Island representative. In this current position, she chairs the Production Management Committee and represents BC at the National table. She was instrumental in forming the BC Egg Producer of the Year Award. In 2011 she was elected to City Council in the Municipality of North Cowichan where she chaired two committees – Agricultural and Parks and Recreation. She also sat on the Island Savings Center Commission and was Vice Chair of that Commission for one year. She was lucky enough to be the North Cowichan representative in the Cowichan Valley Regional District’s Sports Tourism initiative in her last year on Council. She has been appointed the position of President for the 2018 BC Summer Games to be held in the Cowichan Valley. She and Ian have three active and involved children.

Walter Siemens (EFC Director)

Walter Siemens has been an egg producer since 1986. Walter has served in various capacities and committees within BC’s poultry industry as well as on the national front. For the last two years, he has served on the National Layer Code of Practice Review Committee. This Code sets a new path of best practices for the industry and the welfare of hens. Walter and his lovely wife, Annette, have four children, two sons (both now married) along with two daughters — one of whom is also married. Over the last two to three years, all three married children have come back to work on the farm – making the Siemens farm a true family operation. “I enjoy serving the egg industry and it’s a great way to support and raise a family… and now to see the next generation arriving is truly a blessing to us.” Walter and his family are entering a period of farm rejuvenation as old buildings are torn down and replaced with new barns designed to meet numerous egg type and market needs. It’s a busy time indeed, but quite an enjoyable phase of life. 

Fred Krahn (Secretary)

Fred Krahn was raised on a berry and poultry farm. Together with his brother, Fred expanded their layer operation to include broilers and turkeys. Later, they introduced feed and feed processing businesses, diversified into real estate, construction, and land development. His desire to see the BC egg industry become effective at the national level motivated Fred to become involved in marketing boards at their inception. As a result, Fred has served in various capacities, on numerous boards and associations including the BC Egg Marketing Board, BC Chicken Marketing Board and Egg Farmers of Canada. Presently, he is a director and vice chair at the BC Egg marketing Board and served on the Executive Committee of Egg Farmers of Canada. Fred and his wife Judy have three sons, one daughter and numerous grandchildren. They are pleased that their sons are all involved in the family business.

Amyn Alibhai (Director)

Amyn has been a Director with the BC Egg Marketing Board since March 2010 and represents the BC Interior region. Amyn grew up on his family’s poultry farm in the Fraser Valley. He studied at Simon Fraser University and obtained a degree in Business Administration. After graduating, Amyn was recruited by HSBC Bank to work in their Commercial Banking Department. In 2000, Amyn joined his father in managing the Alibhai family’s egg layer farms and operating their egg grading business in Kamloops. Amyn has since been involved in many different areas of the egg industry’s production and grading sectors. He has been President and Director of both the BC Interior Egg Producers Association and of the BC Egg Processors Council, as well as served on various industry committees. As a member of the Board of Directors at BCEMB, Amyn is serving as the Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee. He was also the former Chair of the Production Management Committee


Audit Committee - Amyn Alibhai (Chair)
Production Management Committee (PMC) - Fred Krahn (Chair)

Board Chair