Prospective Farmers

2017 New Producer Program Announcement

January 16, 2018

On January 15, 2018 letters were sent to all applicants regarding their eligibility status for the draw.  A summary of the applications received can be seen here.

At this point we remain on track with our initial timeline.

November 7, 2017

The BC Egg Marketing Board is holding a webinar for interested applicants at 10:30am on Thursday, November 9, 2017. 

The purpose of the webinar will be to give potential applicants an overview of the NPP and answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive on a day-to-day basis. Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the webinar can email here to request a copy.

October 17, 2017

The British Columbia Egg Marketing Board announces the launch of the Creston Valley Area of South Central and East Kootenays New Producer Program. Random draws will select from the pool of eligible applicants to determine two (2) new entrants in this region. 

New Producer Program licences will be allotted to selected eligible applicants to establish an Independent Production Unit within the Creston Valley.  The Creston Valley Area of South Central and East Kootenays includes Wynndel, East Shore Kootenay Lake, West Creston, Creston, Erickson, Canyon, Lower Kootenay Band, Lister and Yahk.


A comprehensive review and selection process has been established that will result in Eligible Applications that score above 75 points being recommended to the Board for entry into the random draws of Eligible Applications for each restriction category. The process for identifying Eligible Applications and allotting licences is set out in Part IV of the British Columbia Egg Marketing Board Consolidated Order New Producer Program Rules. 

Selected applicants will be provided with the opportunity to start as soon as practical, and once the new entrant has established an Independent Production Unit conforming to all applicable requirements under the Consolidated Order within such as period as determined by the Board, the selected applicant will be issued up to 3,000 units of layer quota.

New Producer Program Rules and application forms are available on the BC Egg website or the Board offices (email:; Phone: 604-556-3348; Fax: 604-556-3410).  A full list of the rules and requirements of the draw are detailed in Part IV of the British Columbia Egg Marketing Board Consolidated Orders.

The deadline date to receive applications is 4:00 pm, Friday, December 8, 2017. Full details of our proposed timeline for this process can be seen below:

Draft Timeline for the NPP Draw for the Creston Valley Area


Creston Valley Area Application Form

Small Lot Program

The Small Lot Program is accepting new applicants; please contact Scott Miles at for the application and details. 

New Producer Program (NPP):

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Other Programs

National Quota Exchange:
The Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC) runs a National Quota Exchange to facilitate inter-provincial movement of quota through any of the six exchanges that occur throughout the year. However, registered egg producers and new entrant applicants within B.C. typically acquire egg layer quota through the B.C. Provincial Egg Quota Exchange.

Provincial & Federal Acts relating to egg production

Organic & Specialty Certification

Egg layer quota must be obtained from BC Egg for the production of all specialty eggs (including organic certified) if the registered producer has more than 99 egg laying hens (“layers”).

BC Egg - Specialty Review

Canada National Organic Standards - September 2006

Canada Agricultural Products Act - Gazette II; December 2006

Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC)