Pambazos Con Huevos

You'll need some extra napkins for these sandwiches, but the mess will be worth it!

Ask an Egg Farmer

Less than 10 years ago, when consumers took a trip to the local grocery store, the eggs on display varied in choices of white or brown and in sizes of small, medium, and large. Today, consumers can find multiple varieties of eggs such as free range, free run, organic, and omega-enhanced, as well as the traditional white and brown eggs. With so many options, it's easy to get confused. The good news is that all BC produced eggs meet the highest standards for cleanliness, quality, and freshness. Want to learn more about eggs and egg farming in BC?

West Coast Scotch Eggs

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"This recipe takes a bit of time, but it doesn’t have to be done all at once in an unbroken chain. You can break the prep into chunks very easily and save yourself from a big hassle. So while it is something of a ‘project’ recipe, it doesn’t require any complicated techniques or long periods of attention. Because of this, it’s a perfect recipe for picnics, potlucks, or even just make-ahead snacks and lunches."

Scotch eggs with a West Coast spin!

Breakfast Flatbread

Breakfast flatbread is a fun and easy recipe for camping or at home on the grill!

Taiwanese Tea Eggs

Tea eggs are simple things really – hard-boiled eggs, steeped in a marinade made with tea, soy sauce, and a variety of spices. The shells are intentionally cracked all over, allowing the marinade to seep in slowly and leaving an attractive network of dark lines on the egg white. The spice blend and tea choice varies quite a bit, but the general flavour profile is built around the classic Chinese five-spice mixture (anise, cassia, cloves, Sichuan peppercorn, and star anise).

BC Lions Fan Fest 2017

We were at BC Lions Fan Fest again this year! Our booth was a huge hit with kids and adults alike who stopped by to grab recipes, stickers, frisbees, clappers, and more!

Humane Societies Hail New Egg-industry Code

March 27, 2017

by John Cotter

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies says a new code of practice for egg farmers will help reduce the extreme stress suffered by egg-laying hens and give consumers some assurance about the term “cage-free.”

The National Farm Animal Care Council code calls for producers to work toward phasing out the use of small, cramped cages for hens over the next 15 years, and sets new care standards for the birds, the federation says.

BC Lions

We teamed up with the BC Lions to show our support for amateur football!

The BC Lions kicked a total of 39 field goals in 2016 and we matched the number by donating the same number of footballs to support amateur football in the province.

Spicy Chorizo and Tomato Frittata

It's cold out there! Warm up with Chef Lynn Crawford's Spicy Frittata!


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