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Heart for Africa 2016 Ornament Challenge 

EFC is selling Christmas ornaments as part of an international fundraising campaign for Heart for Africa. Ornaments are $20 each and available in four shapes (Angels, Xmas trees, Stars, and the new ornament-ornament). To purchase ornaments, mail a cheque for the total amount of your pre-ordered ornaments (made out to Heart for Africa) along with a note saying how many ornaments of each type you would like.

The mailing address is:

Paula Panetta

21, rue Florence Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K2P 0W6. 

Who does this help?

         Provides funds towards the poultry farm initiative that in turn feeds the children at Heart for Africa and thousands more in community at large.
         For every 26 ornaments sold, Heart for Africa is able to fully provide for one child for a month.
         It also provides employment for the artisan who tirelessly hand beaded each ornament and supports an average of 13 additional family members back in their homestead.

The sale of each ornament - no matter the denomination – makes a difference! Thank you in advance for helping Heart for Africa and the poultry house initiative!


Over $100,000 Raised for Hearts for Africa

At EFC's summer meeting in Mont Tremblant in early July, an impromptu head-shaving event raised over $100,000 for the Hearts for Africa program. A good chunk of the total was donated by BC Egg board members and producers! BC Board Member Fred Krahn wields the razor while freshly shaved Tim Lambert (EFC's CEO) looks on.


Recognizing the importance of eggs in the global fight against food insecurity and malnutrition; Egg Farmers of Canada is celebrating the 10th anniversary of our partnership with Heart for Africa in Swaziland. You can learn more about the egg farm at Project Canaan on their website.

Exciting Opportunity to Make a Real Difference in Swaziland

The International Egg Foundation is offering an experience of a lifetime to manage a brand new egg production unit in Swaziland. This placement is for up to 1 year and suitable for someone with practical experience in egg production.
The egg farm is a 5,000 layer facility which started production in January this year, and provides an opportunity for the candidate to establish a professional and commercial approach to the day to day running of the unit as well as impart invaluable skills and practical knowledge to local Swazi employees working in the unit to help ensure the long term success of the project and community engagement and development.
The eggs produced feed Heart for Africa’s children and staff, and supplement a feeding programme throughout the region, Project Canaan is a fantastic showcase of the power of the egg!
For a job desciption, please contact Valerie Lee.

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